A non-refundable registration fee of $50 will be applied at the time of enrollment.  The text used in the Parent Orientation course will be provided, but each family is responsible for acquiring their own repertoire (Suzuki or Step by Step and O'Connor Method) books.  

Tuition Schedule (updated Jan. 2019)

Tuition includes two lessons each week: one individual lesson (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) and one group lesson (Saturday).  Breathe Suzuki Studio operates year-round.  There are 41 instructional weeks per year (including 5 weeks during the summer).  Yearly tuition is averaged into twelve equal monthly payments.  Each month's tuition also includes $28 in monthly fees, but fees are applied only once per family.  Fees are applied toward administrative time and costs, recital expenses, supplies, and professional development. 

Student Type

Length of individual lesson 

Total monthly tuition

beginning student (and parent)
sibling of current student
parent of current student

30 min.


intermediate student
sibling of current student
parent of current student

45 min.


young student (age 3-4)
sibling of current student

15 min.


twins (age 3-4)
30 min. (15 min. each) $193 (includes both children)

twins (age 5+) or any 2 siblings beginning lessons at same time
45 min. (22 min. each) $236 (includes both children)

adult student**

30 min.
45 min.


group lessons only
(with approval of student's private teacher)
NA $55 ($45 for pre-twinkle)
payable as $110 ($90 for PT) every 2 months










** Lesson rates for adults do not include group lessons. Group lesson activities are geared toward children, but playful adults are welcome to join.

Interim or short-term students: $34 (30 min. lesson), $51 (45 min. lesson), $68 (60 min. lesson) and
$15/group lesson (if applicable).

Grandfather Clause

Families who are enrolled continuously year to year (including summer lessons) will retain their original tuition rates.  Increases in tuition rates will apply only to beginning families or families who do not attend summer lessons.

Discontinuing Lessons

Kindly give 4-8 weeks notice when planning to discontinue lessons, so that your final month of lessons is an even-numbered month (February, April, June, August, October, or December).