Studio Policy

Responsibilities of Suzuki Parents

  • The Suzuki Method requires parent attendance at individual and group lessons.  During the first year, this must be the same parent who practices with the child at home and completed Studio Orientation.  

  • It is the responsibility of the parent to play the recording at home and to facilitate home practice.  The student will make the best progress if these are part of your daily routine.  After the first year, it is best if the parent who attends lessons is the same parent who practices with the child at home most of the time.  Unpreventable circumstances may require the other parent to “substitute teach” on rare occasions.  If your family needs to make long-term alternate arrangements, you will need to discuss a plan with your teacher.

  • Please share any questions or concerns about your lessons/ home practice/child’s progress with me, preferably via email.  I want everyone to have a satisfying and successful experience. 


  • Lessons canceled, forgotten, or missed for any reason by the student or student’s family will not be refunded or rescheduled.  (This includes a minimum of seven weeks of summer lessons.)  If you know in advance that you have a scheduling conflict with your individual lesson (due to a doctor’s appointment, for example) consider asking another student’s family if they can trade lesson times for that week.

  • If a parent misses one of the classes in the Parent Orientation Series, we will cover the missed material in their next individual lesson.  During the first year, the parent who attended Orientation must attend the student's individual lesson.

  • In the event of weather-related cancellation, the teacher will reschedule individual lessons, but not group lessons.  
  • Lessons canceled by the teacher will always be made-up or refunded.  An "advance make-up lesson" is a extra individual lesson offered by the teacher at a time other than the student's normal lesson time.  There is no charge for and no limit on advance makeup lessons, but they replace a refund in the event of a lesson canceled by the teacher.
  • If you are running late to your lesson or have a last-minute conflict, please inform your teacher.

Tuition Payment

  • Monthly tuition is due on the 7th of each month.  If payment has not been received at that time, a $10 late fee will be added to the outstanding balance.  You can pay online using PayPal and track your balance by logging in to your account.
  • Families who are enrolled continuously year to year (including summer lessons) will retain their original tuition rates.  Increases in tuition rates will apply only to beginning families or families who are not continuously enrolled.
  • There is a one-time registration fee of $50.

Lesson Scheduling

  • Individual lesson times are assigned with preference given first to matriculating families according to seniority, and second to beginning families according to amount of observation before enrollment.

Discontinuing Lessons

  • Should you want to discontinue or suspend lessons, kindly give at least 2 weeks' notice.